Vermeil Again


Make Do and Mend.

Same ring, fresh coat of gold. 

We love jewellery that is well-worn as it shows the life of the wearer. Although our vermeil jewellery is very durable, all jewellery naturally wears with use over time. Sometimes a fresh coat is all that is needed to extend your love affair for years to come.

Our re-plating service gives you that fresh feeling again while keeping the history of your piece alive.

How long does it take? Approximately 3 weeks.

What is gold vermeil? Vermeil is an ancient technique that applies gold to sterling silver pieces of jewellery or objects.

What are the finer details?  Here are Hotlips by Solange we use a high karat of gold - 18 karat - to be exact and apply it to our 100% recycled sterling silver jewellery in a thick layer (3 microns if you're being technical). This high-karat gold combined with thickness ensures your piece will stand the test of time.

What pieces can I send for vermeil?  We only accept official Hotlips by Solange pieces of jewellery for the re-vermeil service.  The item can be a silver piece that has never had gold plating or a vermeil piece where the gold has worn off. We are unable to accept enamelled pieces for the vermeil service. 

To send back your ring:

From the UK:

Generate a pre-paid returns label with Royal Mail: Royal Mail Returns Label - UK


Download and follow the instructions on the Returns Form - International

Our re-enamelling service takes 2-3 weeks from when we receive your piece to when it will be shipped. Shipping estimates then vary by country. For more detailed estimates, please see our shipping page

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Recycled Silver Hotlips and Hotscripts by Solange rings with silver granules