A Conversation with Lola Bute

Hotlips by Solange talks with Lola Bute about the Eternity ring collaboration


Eternity Movement Logo

Eternity is a fundraising platform set up by Lola Bute to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, suicide and addiction. It is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of life and the eternal individuality of those we have lost. A chance to be your true self and help others in the process. All proceeds for the Eternity Movement supports the charities Action on Addiction, Place 2 Be, Youth Anxiety Centre and James’ Place.

Hotlips & Eternity have collaborated on a limited edition ring that spells out the movement in glossy enamel script. Made from sterling silver and enamelled in our classic red colour.

Wear it and think of the beauty of life.

All proceeds of this ring will go to the charities the Eternity Movement supports. Made in limited quantities, available while supplies last.

Eternity Movement Q&A With Lola Bute

Why did you start the Eternity Movement?
I started Eternity after losing my boyfriend to suicide in 2019. Eternity was not only a healing process for me, but also a platform to help people struggling with mental health and addiction problems. I have experienced first-hand that mental health and addiction are the epidemic of my generation. I feel compelled to give back to those who I have loved and lost and help make a difference for those still suffering. My goal is to try and help people understand these issues in a broader way. I want Eternity to be a real movement that helps all kinds of people. I want it to reach everyone I can.

What has Eternity Movement been up to recently?
The Most recent Eternity event took place on May 5th 2022. It was the most spectacular evening, raising money for four charities very close to my heart: Action on Addiction, Place2Be, James’ Place and GROW. There was a delicious dinner by the River Cafe, Locanda Locatelli and Spring for 350 guests, followed by an incredible auction. More guests then joined for an after party with music by Jordan Vickors, Groove Armada and Henri. On the night we raised £700,000 for charity!!! It was amazing.

How did you decide on the design for the Eternity Hotscript Ring?
I had a few meetings with Solange and her team. I was pretty set on what I wanted to do from the get-go. I couldn't decide what colour to do – I'm so indecisive! Solange helped me choose the Classic Red. I’d take her creative advice on anything! 

The most special part of the design to me is the heart that seals the word Eternity. To me this represents eternal love. 

What is in your jewellery box?
I am definitely a magpie… my jewellery box has expanded quite a bit over the years but a few of my favourite pieces are my Harry Fane diamond drop earrings and diamond tennis bracelet my parents gave me for my 21st birthday, my Solange heartbeat ring which was last thing my Dada ever gave me, a gold diamond tennis bracelet Kai gave me and a Alex Jefford necklace of Kai’s which I gave him on our last Christmas together.

All of these pieces are extremely sentimental to me. Why I love jewellery so much is there is always a story behind it – and the people who gave me these pieces are those I have loved most in my life. I will have them forever and give them to my own children one day.  

If you could spend eternity with only one piece of jewellery, what would it be?
An antique diamond ring my Dada gave me for Valentine’s Day. It is the most special thing in the world to me. 

What is your favourite colour of lipstick?
Red or Nude… too hard to choose one – it depends on what mood I'm in! 

What Hotscript ring best suits your personality? Angel? Lover? Hottie? Friend? Lady? Minx? Sister? Sexy? Queen? Diva?
Probably Diva, as I am very unapologetically me, haha.

Want to learn more about the Eternity Movement?  
Follow their Instagram or donate to their cause here.


Made from sterling silver and enamelled in our classic red colour.