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All About Vermeil

What is gold vermeil? Vermeil is a technique that applies gold to sterling silver pieces of jewellery or objects. This gives the lustre of gold on a quality piece that stands the test of time without the higher price tag of solid gold.

What are the finer details? Here at Hotlips by Solange we use a high level of gold (18 karat) and apply it to our 100% sterling silver jewellery in a thick layer (3 microns). This gives it the beautiful lustre of gold on a quality and responsible metal.

What is the difference between gold vermeil and gold plating?  While the two terms are often interchangeable, in practice there is an importance difference. Both describe the technique of “plating” which is the application of a layer of material onto an object. However vermeil specifically refers to applying a high fineness of gold to a 100% sterling silver piece at minimum level of thickness. The term gold plating alone has come to refer to applying any fineness of gold to any base metal such as copper or brass. Gold plating is usually a a very fine layer, as fine as .5 microns (which is 6 times less than the level we use!).

How do I care for vermeil? Gold vermeil is a very durable material and can last a long time with some easy care tips. 

Protect from Water and Chemicals: Take off when washing hands, showering, or swimming as too much moisture can cause the vermeil to wear off. Contact with hand sanitisers, perfumes, oils and cleaning agents should be avoided.
Cleaning: Clean with a soft damp cloth to remove any residue. 
Storage: We recommend storing your jewellery in dry and enclosed space such as the Hotlips jewellery box when not wearing.