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The London collection is my homage to London’s charm and uniquely indomitable spirit. With its historic landmarks and the throbbing pulse of the streets, London blends tradition and innovation, and hums with the promise of discovery. It embodies an inspiring mix of eclectic vibrancy that makes London more of a feeling than a place.

Each ring in this collection tells a mini story of London. Our love of the late Queen Elizabeth with regal Purple, the Red of the famous Double Decker buses whizzing us around town, and the seemingly permanent dull but very chic grey London Sky, the Candy stripe hues of the houses on the Portobello Road and the Zebra crossings guiding us safely across the mad traffic while proudly waving a Union Jack with a touch of neon pink.

Hopefully you’ll feel a bit like you’re wearing a little piece of London which may even inspire you to come and visit us in this beloved city of ours. See you soon!